75+ Ladder Subs

Pickleball_Guy_LogoCourts will be monitored, No Badge, No Play!  The RR&P’s of the Sun City West Pickleball Club require your 2014 Badge to be worn for All Club Activities, which includes Drop In.

Sub List

Players, when you contact a substitute to cover for you after the schedule has been posted, be sure to tell the sub what court, time, and players they will be playing with.

Substitutes   – Upper Ladder
Name Phone
Dereemer, Bill 307-631-9151
Gotelaere, Pat 262-945-5522
Ramult, Jerry 623-322-1505
Sama, Judi 623-556-4405
VanDalsen, David 623-242-6161
Williams, Ken 623-875-1986
Steger, Greg 563-271-3053
Substitues – Lower   Ladder
Name Phone
Campbell, Bill 952-807-2552
Hadley, Sue 928-607-3547
Haynes, Fern 907-223-2502
McFarland,   Barbara 623-556-5694
O’Grady, Lynne 623-523-7007
Skinner,   Sharon 623-546-8983
Wilson,   Shirley 623-975-6635
Biggs, Barney 623-455-3418
Schnitzer, Al 623-584-7137