Description of Team Play


There will be 5 teams and each team will consist of 8 players. After sign-up, players will be ranked in 4 tiers by gender.  The rankings will be done by ladder captains. Teams will be drawn at random, and consist of 1 man and 1 woman from each tier.  All members of the team will play 3 games each week.  Each team will select their captain and a team name.  Once you have selected your team name, please notify the Team Play Coordinator, so it can be noted on your scoresheet.

Matches will be played Saturdays from 11:00-1:00 and will be played at Palm Ridge.  We will play for 5 weeks which means you will play each team once and have one bye week.

Order of play each week is as follows:

Game 1 Mens Doubles M1+M2 Game  7 Mens Doubles M3+M4
Game 2 Womens Doubles W1+W2 Game  8 Womens Doubles W3+W4
Game 3 Mixed Doubles M4+W4 Game  9 Mixed Doubles M1+W1
Game 4 Mixed Doubles M3+W3 Game 10 Mixed Doubles M2+W2
Game 5 Mixed Doubles M1+W2 Game 11 Mixed Doubles M3+W4
Game 6 Mixed Doubles M2+W1 Game 12 Mixed Doubles M4+W3

Players must get their own sub if they cannot play on a scheduled day. Subs must be the same or lower level than the player they’re replacing and the same gender. Please Note:  If no same gender sub can be found, a substitute of the opposite gender will be allowed with the approval of the Team Play Coordinator to be sure they are at the correct level.  The Team Play website will have a list of subs and, since one team will have a bye each week, that team will also be a good source for subs.  If no appropriate subs are available, the game(s) will be forfeited.  Players can try to get subs for future matches at any time.  If a player cannot complete play during a match, the game being played is forfeited as well as all their following games. A 5-minute injury time-out is allowed.

A match will consist of 12 games. USAPA rules apply.  Games are to 15 points, switch sides at 8.  Teams will spin the paddle to determine side or serve.  Captains should keep the games moving. When one game is finished, play the next game in sequence.

Score sheets for each match will be given to the captains with their predetermined line-ups already entered. Teams will receive 1 point for a win and 0 points for a loss. Circle the winner of each game on the scoresheet. Captains will need to modify the line-up if subs are utilized. Captains should complete the scoresheet, indicating the winners of each game and the win/loss for the match and turn in the completed scoresheets at the conclusion of the match to the Team Play Coordinator. Standings will be based on the win/loss record of all individual games and will be posted on the website