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Press Release – December 27, 2013

From:  SCW Pickleball Club – Ken Holtz

Subject:  Pickleball Club Contributes $93,500 to New Courts Project and Says “Thank You”!

The SCW Pickleball Club has a lot to be thankful for …

The year 2013 was both exciting and a year of growth for the Sun City West Pickleball Club.  Club President Ken Holtz reports, “we started the year with 696 members and will finish 2013 with over 835 members.  A tremendous year full of activity and 2014 should bring many more members”.

Larry Ott of Larry Ott Realty, a major sponsor of the Pickleball Club’s V-Club volunteer program, recently stated, “many of the new home buyers in Sun City West fit the pickleball profile.  They are ready to enjoy their new home in the Arizona sunshine and get outdoors for fun activities and healthy exercise.  And because Sun City West has a premier pickleball facility, Arizona residents from other area communities are also relocating here to Sun City West”.

Every day the Pickleball Courts in SCW are busy with new faces and friendships being started.

And soon the new Liberty Courts – Pickleball Center, sponsored by Liberty Buick, will be fully operational.  This 18-court facility, scheduled to be completed in early February, with post tension concrete surface and state-of-the art lighting will provide a wonderful venue for resident pickleball players and future Sun City West homebuyers.

In fact, the SCW Pickleball Club made an original pledge of $70,000 to the SCW Association for the improvements being made for the new facility.  But recently they voted to increase their commitment to a total of $93,500.  The entire community will have the opportunity to enjoy the new facility and members of the SCW Pickleball Club will be proud to host activities there.

So as we look back over the year 2013, the pickleball players in Sun City West have many things to be thankful for.  And 2014 should bring lot’s more excitement and fun activities!

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