Rules, Regulations, Policies – Approved 11/19/13

Sun City West Pickleball Club Rules and Regulations/ Procedures
Updated September 2013 and Approved 11/19/13

Article I – Membership
Section A – All members must be members in good standing with the Recreation Center of Sun City West and the SCW Pickleball Club and have a valid Recreation card, including those individuals who are renting homes in Sun City West, as required by the Recreation Center By-laws.

Section B – SCW Pickleball club membership is required for participation in Club activities, including; drop-in sessions, round robins, leagues/ladders, social events and General Membership Meetings. Non-club SCW Recreational Card Holders and Non Card Holders may attend approved Club functions as Guests.  General Membership Meetings are also open to Guests, however only members are allowed at the annual meeting for election of officers. See Section C for more details regarding attendance of Guests.

Section C – Recreation Card Holders, may attend approved Club functions a total of 4 times before being required to join the Club. Non-Recreation Card Holders may attend approved Club functions a total of 4 times per year. (1) Club member is allowed to host (2) Non-Recreational Card Holder at approved Club functions. Approved Club functions for Guests include: Instructional lessons, social events, club meetings (except annual election meeting), round robins, and drop-in sessions.  League/Ladder play is excluded from Guest participation.

Section D – General Membership annual dues are $15.00 and renewed per calendar year, based on January 1 through December 31.   Dues for all New Members are $15.00. Exception: New Members joining in the current year during the months of October, November or December may pay a reduced amount of $5.00 per person for membership.  Definition of a new member is any individual who has never been a member of the SCW Pickleball Club.  Dues must be paid no later then February 1 to be a Member in Good Standing.  Members who have not renewed on-time will lose their ability to participate in Club activities, until renewal is paid in full. If you have been a member previously and did not renew yearly, your membership dues will be the full renewal fee. All members must purchase a name badges at an additional cost.

Article II – Meeting
Section A – General Membership Meetings will be held quarterly at a SCW facility and all members will be notified 30 days in advance of the meeting.

Section B – Election of Officers. The slate of officers will be presented to the membership by the Nominating Committee at the General Membership Meeting in October, followed by the election of officers at the November General Membership Meeting. Elected officers will serve from January 1 through December 31.

Section C – The Club Board is required to meet quarterly in accordance with the bylaws of the SCW Recreation Center or at other times as deemed necessary by the President.

Article III – Officers
Section A – Officers of the SCW Pickleball Club will consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and (3) Elected Officers at Large.

Section B – These officers will constitute the SCW Pickleball Club Board. Each member will have a vote on the Board.  The Board will have overall governing authority consistent with the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations. In accordance with Club Bylaws, all officers of the board will be eligible to serve (4) consecutive terms.

Section C – Officers shall train and pass on all information pertaining to their position, to their successors and it is recommended that outgoing officers work directly with the incoming successor for two (2) months, one month prior (December) and one month after (January) taking office.

Article IV – Committees
Each Committee will report directly to the Board through a Board designated liaison.  All designated liaisons will be assigned & approved by the Board at their first Board meeting of the new calendar year.

The SCW Pickleball Club will have the following committees:
Audit Committee – The Audit Committee shall be comprised of one member and audit the financial documents of the Treasurer.  The results shall be reported as set forth in Article V, Section D of the Club By-laws. This committee shall report directly to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

Facilities/Equipment Committee – The Facilities/Equipment Committee shall be responsible for ensuring the Clubʼs facilities are maintained and in playable condition, the nets are at the proper height, pickleballs are provided, chairs are purchased or replaced as needed, court rollers/brooms are available and in good condition, the court clock is in working order and the court flags are in good condition.  The committee will contact the association if any issues need to be addressed.  This committee shall report to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

FITS Tournament Committee – The FITS Tournament Committee will be comprised of a minimum of two (2) members who will direct, plan and facilitate all aspects of the tournament and will be the Tournament Directors/Chairman. The Directors/Chairman of this committee shall form sub committees that are necessary to run the national tournament.  Sub committees are directly responsible to the Directors/Chairman of this committee.  The Directors/Chairman of the FITS Tournament Committee shall report directly to the Board through a board designated liaison.

Food Committee – The Food Committee will be responsible for providing refreshments for all activities for the SCW Pickleball Club.  The Food Committee will work with the coordinator of the Social and or tournament events and provide the designated food required for that event.  This committee will report to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

Fund Raising Committee – The Fund Raising Committee shall research and provide ideas to raise funds for long term expansion of the SCW Pickleball Club.  This committee will liaison with SCW Recreation Board to ensure all Fund Raising efforts are in compliance with SCW Rules and Regulations.  This committee shall report to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

Historian Committee – The Historian Committee will record the history of the SCW Pickleball Club and record the information.  This committee will report to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

Instructions Committee – The Instruction Committee will provide free lessons for beginners and will provide free strategy and technique for “seasoned” members.  Free lessons will be provided to potential members.  The committee will arrange and schedule clinics when warranted to enhance the skill level of members as well as train members in refereeing tournaments.  Lesson times shall be posted on the SCW Pickleball Clubʼs website and at the Clubʼs facilities.  This committee shall report to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee shall be responsible for maintaining a roster of all club members.  The roster shall be posted on the Clubʼs website.  Upon payment of dues, members will receive the password to access the roster on the website.  All new members will be contacted personally to welcome them to our club and provide them with information about our activities and our sport.  This committee shall report to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

Nominating Committee – The Nominating Committee shall seek out prospective candidates to fill open SCW Pickleball Club Board positions at election time (see Article II, Section B).  Also, this committee is responsible for seeking other committee chair people whenever vacancies exist.  This committee shall report to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

Publicity Committee – The Publicity Committee shall be responsible for publicity of Club Meetings, activities and events by putting articles in the SCW Rec Center News and local papers.  It will provide brochures/flyers for the Visitor Center, Newcomers Meetings, and facility bulletin boards.  Also, it coordinates any media functions with the SCW Rec Center Association. This committee shall report to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

Safety Committee – The Safety Committee shall ensure any potential safety issues are promptly corrected; post safety procedures prominently at the Clubʼs facilities and on the Clubʼs website: ensure first aid supplies and accident report forms are readily available in the event of an accident; report all accidents to the SCW Rec Center Association within 24 hours, using the CR20-5 (Accident Injury Report).  This committee shall report to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

Social Committee – The Social Committee shall plan and organize all social activities of the SCW Pickleball Club and recruit volunteers as needed for each activity.  Activities shall be posted on the Clubʼs website and at Club facilities. This committee shall report to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

Special Events/Tournaments Committee – The Special Events Tournament Committee will be responsible for all special events/tournament play within the club.  They will establish the rules, eligibility requirements and entry fees (if any) for special events/tournaments.  All special events/tournaments information shall be posted on the Clubʼs website and posted at the clubʼs facilities.  The committee shall also post information regarding special events outside of Sun City West.  This committee shall report to the Board by a Board designated liaison.

Care Bear Committee – The Care Bear Committee will provide the appropriate card to be sent to those who have lost loved ones or have been ill or any other event that would be indicated.  This committee shall report to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

Website Committee – The Website committee will monitor all website functions inclusive of emails to all members regarding pertinent information of meetings, events and news for the members.  This committee will report to the Board through a Board designated liaison.

Article V –Safety
Section A – A first aid kit shall be located at the courts and be available at all times.  All members shall be should know where it is located and what is available in the kit.  If members have questions or see the supplies are getting low, they should contact the Safety Committee Chairperson.  A sign shall be provided showing the location of the first aid kit.

Section B – Non marking tennis shoes must be worn on the courts at all times.

Article VI – Name Tags/Sign-in Sheets
Section A – All members will purchase a name tag.  It is required that all members wear their name tag when participating in any Club activity.

Section B – All members and guests are required to sign in and show their Rec Card to the monitor before using the facilities.  If a monitor is not present, the sign-in sheet will be by the bulletin board. Signing in is a Recreation Center requirement and is very important for our Club.

Article VII – Pickleballs
Section A – As part of the membership dues, pickleballs will be provided at the courts for the use of the Club members.

Section B – There are pickleball holders by each court.  Members shall return the pickleballs to their holders after their matches.  Any cracked pickleballs should be placed in the damaged pickleball container at the courts.

Article VIII – Courtesy
Section A – Our club “drop-in” policy states that at the completion of a match, all players leave the court.  If there are four (4) additional players waiting to play, they will have the opportunity to play the next match.  If less than four (4) players are waiting, the previous players will elect who among them “sits” out the next match.  If no new players are waiting, all original players may continue playing.

Article IX – Website/Bulletin Board
Section A – The best place to find our Club information is on the SCW Pickleball website .  We also have Pickleball Bulletin Boards at the RH Johnson Pickleball Courts and the Palm Ridge Campus Liberty Courts – Pickleball Center.  Look for all Pickleball news and activities at these sites.  Members will also be contacted by email for special events.

Article X – Pickleball Ambassadors
Section A – All club members should consider themselves Pickleball Ambassadors and promote our sport and our Club.